Budgies Birds Full Information – care, food, breeding

Budgerigar is a famous bird, its nickname is Budgies. Budgies belong to Australia. It’s found wild through the drier(dry) parts of Australia.

Now, you will see them in every country. Their size is small(almost 6 to 8 inches). The colors of budgies are green and yellow with black marking. But they also breed in different coloring like white, blue, yellow, gray.

The two types of budgies parakeets. The traditional budgerigar parakeet belongs to two Australia (American budgies, while the other are English budgie like Exhibition, Hagoromo.

Budgies Birds Care:

Budgies parakeet deserves attention, care, and a good environment. They need more care and attention than other pet birds. Disease even affects them very quickly as eye infection, scaly face, foot disorder, stomach upset. People like them most because of their color, voice, and attractiveness also as their price is very low. 


Wild budgies parrots live mostly in grassland areas. So, these birds eat a different diet.

In captivity, we should offer them a variety of nutritional food to keep them healthy. Budgies parrot food consisting of pearl millet, Foxtail Millet, Proso millet, canary, and sunflower seeds. In a seed-based diet, you will need to add more daily after cleaning the rest.

Budgies parrots food

Only seeds based diet is not good for budgerigars. Because the seeds diet is poor nutrition Due to this pet budgies fall in health problems like liver disorder, foot disorder, scaly face, and other diseases. 

So, for keeping them healthy and strong. we need to give them nutritional foods. Fresh vegetables and fruits must offer twice a week.

You can also give offer them soaked food, soaked seeds, and other treats like a boiled egg, fresh corn, and boiled rice. In Egg food you can add cuttlefish bone powder and Moringa leaf powder, depending on their nutritional deficiency.

These food serve birds on daily basis one food in one day. Before, giving vegetables or fruits wash with water and dry water for some minutes and then serve. Always offer fresh food in normal quantity. After 3 to 4 hours pick up the leftover feed remaining.


Budgies are playful and active birds, they should have a large cage to fly. The minimum size of cage needed for pet Budgies is 24 inches (length and width) 18 inches (high) for one pair. Budgies birds need a large cage size for good flying and they also are happy in it. 

The bars should be close (spacing not more than half an inch). The cage must have some horizontal bars for birds climbing. There must have two perches in the cage at different levels. The size of perches required for pet budgies is half an inch.

Providing a variety of perches will also help in keeping your budgie’s feet healthy and good. The breeding box fixes near the above stick so, that they easily go inbox. You can keep many pairs of budgies in a long colony cage.


When you got Australian budgies you have to determine their gender or sex. There are some color signs to know male or female differences in budgies parrots. 

The adult female budgie Cere(nose or nostril area) is pale blue with a whitish tint or full White. Also, the brown color Cere is female. At this age, she can produce fertile eggs. 

Adult male cere color has bright blue or rich voilet. In the condition of the blue and purple male is mature and fertile. 

When your budgie male or female is immature their Cere color is lightened white, pink, or light blue. At this age, they are not suitable for breeding. Recessive Pieds like lutino, albino mutations will have a pink Color Cere. When their pair will be coupled they will exchange feed.

Breeding season:

Budgie’s breeding season starts from wet spring to summer. It means November to April, May. In breeding season they require 12hrs light. Vitamin D is very important for breeding. Naturally, birds absorb this from sunlight. And cover the cage at night.so, they feel rest free.

Budgies birds breeding
Budgies birds breeding

Breeding age:

The breeding age of budgies parrots must have around 8 to 10 months. But they are also physically able to breed in 6 months. At this age, birds are not fully mature and adult. If the breed is taken at this age, the female will lay eggs outside the box.

She may face egg binding and infertility problems. So, pair up them when they are 7 to 8 months old.

Breeding Box size & Nesting material:

Budgies breed better in the breeding box. The recommended size of the breeding box is 6inch (L*W) and 10 inches in height. With a circle whole to enter in the box. Also, a stick is connected with the breeding box. The wood shave is used as a Nesting material. It is similar to what they like in nature.

Budgies parakeets chicks


Budgie parakeet female lay egg after the mating of one week. When she has to lay an egg she will spend more time in the breeding box. Each clutch contains 5 to 8 eggs. 

Incubation Time:

The incubation time of budgies parrots eggs is 18 to 21 days. Chick will hatch from 1st egg after incubation time. Chicks will also hatch every next or third day. Note the date when the female will lay the first egg.

Average Life Span:

The average life-span of Australian Budgies birds is approx. 10 to 15 years. But with good care and the proper environment, they can live up to 20 years.

Can Budgies Parrots talk?

Yes, in small parakeets, budgies birds have the ability to talk. A young bird can learn many words and phrases. Always pick up simple and short words to teach. In a happy mood, the bird will pay more attention, at this time you should have to teach simple words repeatedly. Male budgies parakeets are the best talkers than females.

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