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If you want to hand-feed a baby bird for the first time, you need to know some instructions before hand feeding a baby bird or parrot. You can also get training practically by a breeder or any other professional. It will be very helpful before starting it to your own bird.

Hand feeding baby birds:

  1. Always wash your hands before hand-feed a baby bird.
  2. Wash all utensils you will use in hand feed.
  3. For best results, always use a commercial hand-feed formula. It will complete all the nutrition needs of pet birds. Follow the package instructions, include the amount of water and dry mash to prepare the formula.
  4. A fresh hand-feed formula should be prepare before hand-feeding. Don’t use a leftover formula rather than waste it.
  5. Serve formula to baby parrots when it is at the ideal temperature. It lies from 102 to 106 F. 
  6. (38 to 41o degrees Celsius). Use a thermometer to measure the temperature.
  7. Mix the hand-feed formula in the boiled water. Don’t use a microwave to heat food, it can cause to develop hot spots that can burn the parrot baby crops.
  8. Place the towel on the surface to prevent heat loss and to grip their feet.
  9. You can use different hand-feeding utensils like a syringe, spoon, feeding tube, etc. I will recommend you use a syringe for it.
  10. Seize the bird’s head from the back of the neck lightly and steadying the lower beak with a finger or thumb.
  11. Put feeding pipe or utensils from the right side of the beak towards the left side, and press the syringe slightly. The crop (inner skin like a pouch) is located on the right side of the bird that stores the food. After every feeding cleans the baby’s beak with tissue paper.
  12. The frequency and feeding quantity depend on the age of the chick. Read the information table chart given below. Feed the baby when his/her crop is empty once a day.
  13. Weigh your bird daily before and after hand-feed and note it. If your parrot baby starts losing weight, then it might be sick or have any problem. You need to consult your vet.
hand feeding baby birds
Handfeeding baby parrots || Image source: Amanda
Age of baby (day)Feeding TimeQuantityBrooder Temperature
1-5After every 2 hours1-2 cc’s35.5o– 36.5oC
6-93 hours3-4 cc’s33.5o– 35.5oC
10-145 hours5-6 cc’s31.5o– 33.5oC
15-217:00 am, 1:00 pm,
7: 00 pm ,12:00 pm
7-9 cc’s30o– 31oC
22-357:00 am, 4:00 pm, 11:00pm10-15 cc’s27o– 29.5oC
35+7:00 am , 11:00 pm13-15 cc’s29o– 27oC

At the age of a month, put the bird babies in a cage with down perches. Place the water in a bowl and keep soft-food on the floor. Give a variety of foods like fruits and vegetables.

5 to 6 weeks:  Bird will start to eat own. At this stage, give him hand-feed twice a day.

7 weeks: Give hand-feed once a day. The bird should not be weaned before 8 weeks. Keep the eyes to a bird that he/she is eating well. Also, determine the fullness of the crop. Weaning birds normally lose 10% of their weight.

Image thanks to freepik

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