Low Blood Calcium in Birds- Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Hypocalcemia- Low blood calcium in birds

Calcium deficiency is also called Hypocalcemia. It is a condition in which the calcium in the liquid part of the blood or plasma falls below the average level, which is called simple calcium deficiency. Calcium deficiency occurs at this time.

When there is no calcium in the bird’s diet and environment for optimal and healthy growth. Calcium is needed for bone formation and for the nervous system to function properly. If this problem is not solved, the birds become weak and the bones come out.

Calcium deficiency in the blood is a very serious problem, in the treatment of which you should not be careless, otherwise you may face harm. Lack of calcium in the diet is a major cause of anxiety in squirrels, lovebirds, African Gray parrots, etc.

Symptoms of  Hypocalcemia:

  • Muscular weakness
  • Abnormal skeletal limbs (defects in arms or legs, such as Splayed legs)
  • Neurological disorder–A disease that affects the brain, spinal cord, weakening of the eye, ears, and muscles.
  • Breeding issues such as infertility, soft or raw eggs.
Symptoms of Low Blood Calcium
Soft Eggs – without shell
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Due to the lack of calcium, the first problem in breeding birds is that the birds will lay soft-bodied eggs. According to Avian scientists, the bones of a chicken contain about 3 to 4 eggs worth of calcium. A good amount of calcium should be present in the body at the time of egg formation, otherwise, due to lack of calcium in most females, egg restriction occurs means not being able to lay eggs- Egg Binding.

Another low blood calcium problem experienced by many breeders in Birds begins to break their feathers. This problem is not only common among budgerigars, finches, canaries, and other parrots.

Hypocalcemia Treatment:

Natural foods that help make up for the lack of calcium.

Treat birds with calcium deficiency on time. First of all, you should use a good company calcium supplement for birds. Be sure to keep the birds in the sun because vitamin D  plays an important role in normalizing your bird. This will make the process of recovering your bird easier. Also, give a good mix of seeds/feed to the birds as per their requirement.

Also, daily, you must feed the parrots various soft foods such as vegetables, fruits, corn, boiled eggs, wheat, beans, peanuts, black gram, etc. Not only will your birds be deficient in calcium, vitamins, iron, etc., but their health and appearance will also be enhanced. Bird breeding will also be good and you will not need to use supplements for pet-birds in the future.

Low Blood Calcium Treatment

If you are serving vegetables to birds in soft food, wash and dry them first. Mix four to five different seasonings vegetables for the birds. For example, you can serve (carrot, pumpkin, cucumber, turmeric/beetroot, cabbage, pea, spinach) mix four to five vegetables in this way. Mix some fruit and give it to the birds during the day or the next day.

Or  Soak beans (wheat, peanuts, black gram, etc) in water for twelve to fifteen hours. Before serving washed it with apple vinegar once. For best results take clean eggs of chickens and make powder and put it on vegetables, fruits, and soaked food. You can also use Moringa oleifera leaf powder. Give soft food to birds which they can easily eat in a short time.

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