Cockatiel Birds Full information- Breeding, care and diet

Cockatiels are also known as “weiors” and quarrions” in their native Australia. Cockatiels are the most popular pet birds. They are the smallest representative of the cockatoo’s parrots family. They have a charming personality with a variety of color markings and a crested head.

For, a new person these are a good choice because they are very human-friendly, easy to care and do not require more attention like other pet birds. They can be difficult to understand. 

Cockatiel birds are good whistlers and you can teach them singing or tunes, although they are not good for talking. 

Wild Birds habitats:

In the wild, they live in large flocks. The wild cockatiels have a grey plumage with a yellow face, crest head, and orange patch on cheeks. Eat grass, berries, fruits, vegetables, and seeds. They fly to the ground to pilfer for food.

These birds mostly stay near water areas such as lakes or rivers and normally, perch on top of dead trees. In wild, these birds are always alert for predators and also sleep lightly. They are no longer be trapped and exported in Australia.

Cockatiel Diet:

A nutritional diet is very important for the health of all parrots including cockatiels. Australian Cockatiels are herbivores and they mainly eat seeds. Seeds are a part of a nutritional diet but they are rich in fats. The seeds-based diet should be given to birds but no more than 30% to 40% of their diet. 

In seeds based diet you can give a variety of millets, canary seeds, sunflower seeds, paddy rice, and safflower seeds. The seeds should be 30 percent of this whole diet/food. Pelleted food is balanced nutritional food for all pet birds. For captive cockatiel, Cockatiel pellets are the best choice to give equal nutrition in each bite.

cockatiel birds food
Cockatiel Parrots food

Always, provide a variety of food on daily basis. Fruits and vegetables are a vital part of their diet. Always offer fresh fruits and vegetables on daily basis. Some best vegetables for pet cockatiel parrots are carrot, spinach, fenugreek, beetroot, and ridge gourd.

Clean the seeds diet with a seeds cleaner machine and wash the veggies and fruits before serving to your lovely parrot. Provide fresh water every morning. Wash the water and food bowls, pots every week.

Foods to avoid are apple seeds, avocado, salt, chocolate, coffee, and alcohol, these are toxic for birds.


Cockatiels are medium-sized and playful birds. They require a large cage to fly. We recommend offering a large horizontal cage for every bird, as the birds need exercise to maintain their health.

The ideal size for a pet cockatiel parrot requires is 20in. (W) by 20in. (H) and 24 in. length. The bar spacing should be half an inch. Place two perches of different sizes and textures in a cage. Its size can be half or ¾. in diameter.

For a pair of birds, the cage size should be 24in. (W) by 24 in. (H) and 30in. in length. The cage must have some horizontal bars for birds climbing and to get much more exercise. 

Place the cage in a quiet area or put it at eye-level that the bird feels more secure. Don’t keep the cage in noisy or smelly places.

Fallow pied cockatiel
Fallow pied cockatiel

Cockatiel Birds Care:

The cockatiel is a human-friendly bird and playful bird as it does not need much care like other pet birds. Anyone can be kept with a little information about their care and diet.

For to keep your bird happy provide him a good flight cage. A couple of these parakeet is going to be good to make a good company for one another. Keeping a single bird is acceptable, but you will have to give a serious amount of your time daily. If you cannot give him a proper time then you will need to get a pair of birds to prevent them from loneliness and self-harming behavior.

Some facts to know for their care:

Provide them nutritional diet and fresh-water daily.

  • Set cage in a bird-friendly place.
  • They need regularly bathe to maintain their health, so give them a bowl of lukewarm water or spray 2 times a week.
  • Clip the bird wings or flight feathers twice a year. You can do it easily with proper knowledge and practice. If you are uncomfortable with this you can take help from with avian vet. Or a breeder.
  • As well as nails are also should be trimmed.
  • Give him a sunbath also twice a week for two hours.
  • suitable temperature range for a cocktail parakeet is 65o F to 80oF, not to dropdown or exceed. Be careful of extreme temperature changes.

Cockatiel Sex Identification:

Adult Cock and Hen cockatiel are often recognized by their coloration. Generally, the adult bird has darker feathers and beak. 

Young birds begin to molt at about 6months, after this, you can closely observe doted feathers on the underside of the tail of the Females(hen). Also as you can see spots on the underside of the wings of a female. 

Male’s (cock) bird has a bright color patch and yellow face than female. The cock underside tail is dark grey or plane in color. The Male’s cockatiel is the whistlers. Juveniles have duller plumage and look like females.

In captivity, they are breeding in many color varieties such as albino, Fallows, Whitefaces, lutinos, and many more. So, for them, it is difficult to know their gender. For precise sexing, consider genetic testing.


cockatiel breeding 2021 || cockatiel babies
cockatiel chicks

Cockatiel birds breeding or sexual maturity occurs after the age of one year. They should not be pair up until the age of 15months. Their breeding season starts from September to March, April. These pet birds can be bred a whole year, at a controlled temperature. It is not good to get breed over 8month continuously. Rest is very essential to maintain their health, get good fly and to complete the body nutritions. 

After a week of mating, a female will lay an egg. Mostly, pet cockatiel females lay eggs every other day, between 4 to 7 eggs per clutch. The average incubation period is almost 20-22 days. Both parents incubate their eggs. Usually, the male sits on eggs during the day and at night he ensures the safety of eggs and newly born chicks.

Once the chicks hatch parents will feed them every few hours. The babies will leave their nest at about 5-6 weeks but will get the feed from parents for more than two weeks. The recommended vertical nest box size is 10” in. x 10” in. x 12” inch height. The diameter of the entrance hole should be 1.5 inches. Must place the wood shave in the breeding box.


The average lifespan of cockatiels is approx. 12 to 20years. With proper care and a clean environment, a healthy cockatiel can live up to 25 years though this is rare.

Where to buy a cockatiel bird and what price?

Cockatiels are common birds you can easily buy from a pet shop or a breeder. It is best to choose a hand-fed chick or at least a young bird that has been handled regularly. The price of cockatiel will depend on their color and mutations from $40 to 300$. You can buy a common cockatiel for around $7.

Always buy a healthy and active bird. Avoid a bird that is sitting on the floor of the cage quietly with puffed feathers, it might be ill. Always look at the nails, beak, nostrils, and vent area of a bird that should be clean and clear like a normal and healthy bird.

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