Do Pet birds need light at night? | Light and Dark cycle of lovebirds

Do Pet birds sleep with a light on?

Pet birds do not need light at night.  Like humans, birds also need a period to sleep. Most pet birds sleep 10 to 12 hours from 6 pm to 5 am at night. Pet birds need 10 hrs of deep sleep every night. It will keep your pet bird happy and healthy.

If the birds sleep with a light on there is no issue but they can interrupt easily. If there is light, love birds will be interrupted by any motion. If they don’t complete their sleep, then they fell into some problems.


The main reason for stress is to change in the environment. Change in the environment such as a new home, new cage, different food which they don’t like can cause stress. If birds do not achieve their good sleep it will in stress.

Some signs of stress:

  • Feather’s Plucking
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Fear
  • Change in Behaviour
  • Biting

Health issues

Sleep loss can also lead to a more weakened immunity response. Therefore, birds will sick easily and not eat food properly.

Light Cycle

Normally, the parrots require light 12 hrs a day. If your bird taking sunlight, it would be best for the parakeet to get its daily dose of Vitamin D. This vitamin is very important to control the calcium and phosphorous levels in a body.

In indoor aviaries birds are not getting light well therefore, you have to use artificial lights. For reproduction, birds need 14 to 16 hrs light a day.

Dark Cycle:

At night, the dark signal is that it is time to rest and sleep. In this time, the body repairs damaged tissues. Birds like their habits they do not need light. Heat bulbs can be used in the winter season to maintain their temperature. 

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