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Splayed legs or leg problem in birds

Splayed legs are a perverted leg problem that affects bird’s babies that are still immature and growing.

Spraddle leg or splay-leg is a common and very serious problem. In this problem, birds may be unable to stand up straight, walk, or move around.

If you have a baby that is facing this splayed leg problem, the earlier you can address and correct it.

There is no time to waste and in the early stage, you can treat it better. There are some basics steps you can take to get rid of this problem.

Splayed legs in birds


There are several causes of splayed legs in love-birds or parakeets.

When females sit on babies for long periods to keep them warm and protect them, their legs twist and come out due to force and pressure.

You can place them under plastic or poor infertile eggs to protect and protect babies or chicks to escape.

Birds need sunshine to make vitamins. Because the young of the birds grow up in breeding boxes, pots, etc. due to which they become deficient in vitamins.

It can cause leg problems. Lack of calcium and protein in the diet can also cause the disease.

Lack of nesting material in bird’s nest boxes or pots such as wood shaves.

Slipping of chicken legs due to birds’ droppings is also a major cause of this problem.

Splayed legs Treatment:

The splayed leg is treatable in babies and younger birds that are still growing. In adult or fully developed birds may not be able to treat but you must consult with your avian veterinarian.

Splayed Legs Treatment
Splayed Legs Treatment

Several ways to treat it:

  • Vet tape (bandages) can be used to treat splayed legs, wrap the tape around the legs, and bring them closer together.
  • A sponge is the best solution that provides a soft and safe alternative for the cure of a bird’s legs. Cut two tiny holes in a sponge and place the bird’s legs through the holes to keep them in the correct position.
  • Cut the pipe (straw) according to the bird’s leg and pass the rubber band in figure 8-shape then put it in bird legs to bring them closer.
  • You can take Birds Legs Hobble from the bird’s shop and put it in the leg of the bird. Leave it for two to three weeks.

You can use any of the above methods but be careful that any of the material does not scratch the baby’s legs.

How to prevent splayed legs in birds?

If you don’t have a bird with splayed legs, you can now start working to prevent young birds.

Diet The feed you are giving to the birds has a good amount of calcium and protein. Ensure that the feed you normally buy is sufficient for the growth of birds.

If you don’t have a bird with scaly legs, you can now start working to prevent young birds. The feed should have a good amount of calcium and protein.

Check the buyer’s feed to see if it is good enough for bird development.

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